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Take Operational Control of Staffing

Live Staffing For Command Center Workforce Control

Allocate SafeCare provides a live view of nurse and support worker staffing alongside patient numbers and patient needs. It enables the clinical and operational teams to see holistic staffing and care need across all units, services and locations. They can view staffing across multiple dimensions including nurse ratios, skills and nursing hours per patient. Nursing Hours per Patient can be automatically derived using any Patient Acuity/Classification Systems (PCAS), including different PCAS by service. It even allows professional judgement to be captured.

Allocate SafeCare is unique. The only system to provide a complete view of live staffing and the tools to then manage redeployments or to request float or agency support.

All while updating the schedule and ensuring data remains accurate for pay and recharge.

  • View all units across multiple sites in a single screen
  • Capture patient census either directly or from EHR
  • See all scheduled staff and skills, track live attendance
  • See hours short or excess, missing skills, senior cover or other gaps
  • Redeploy staff based on clinical need
  • Request float or agency support
  • See planned staffing versus actual

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