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Healthcare Workforce Optimization and Scheduling Platform

Clinically Safer. Financially Smarter. Workforce Kinder.

The workforce typically accounts for 80% of operational costs, and at the same time shortages represent the biggest clinical and overspend risk day after day, shift after shift.

That is why we believe it's time to do something different with workforce planning and deployment.

Smarter (Optima) Easily plan and deploy resources across the enterprise.

  • Schedule all staff (contracted, float, and travelers/agency) to drive efficiencies and minimize traveler/agency spend
  • Create an optimal schedule with dynamic rules and AutoSchedule
  • Review schedules for fairness, safety, and value

Streamlined (Loop) Native app to empower staff to engage with schedule and colleagues

  • Engage staff with a native app to review schedule, book time off, and
    manage their shifts
  • Promote extra shifts and allow staff to book directly
  • Connect with colleagues directly, broadcast communications

Safer (SafeCare) A comprehensive, live view of staffing and tools to manage
redeployments based on patient need

  • View all units across the enterprise including planned staffing versus actual
  • View staff ratios, skills, and nursing hours per patient day
  • Assess safety coverage with patient acuity to flex and redeploy, as necessary
  • Create awareness through staff escalations and flags

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